You can try the OnePlus 11 for free for 100 days — here’s how Reviews

Buying a new smartphone is always a gamble in terms of customer satisfaction — mainly because they cost so much and can be so different from the device that the buyer is currently using.

To combat this, OnePlus is giving customers the chance to try the OnePlus 11 entirely risk-free. Starting today, the company is running the “100 Days No Regret” program, which allows OnePlus 11 buyers to use the new flagship for up to 100 days and still be eligible to return it for a full refund.

Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Before current unhappy OnePlus 11 owners get too excited about getting their money back in full, it’s important to point out that the promotion only covers smartphones purchased from today, March 20, through Sunday, April 30. This means that any OnePlus 11s bought immediately following the phone’s launch are ineligible for full refunds. If you buy the phone after April 30, it’ll still be eligible for the standard 15-day refund period.

Luckily, the OnePlus 11 is a solid phone, as pointed out in our review, so the list of current OnePlus 11 owners who are looking to get their money back should be pretty short. But it’s still nice to see a major company like OnePlus providing such a generous offer. With a promotion like this, prospective buyers are able to truly see if they like the OnePlus 11 before making the final commitment to spend their money on it, allowing them to be completely comfortable spending upwards of $700 on the device.

Those looking to get in on the promotion need to understand, however, that they’ll have to register their purchase within 15 days of the phone’s delivery if they want to be eligible to get their money back. As long as their purchase is registered and their OnePlus 11 unit is returned undamaged within the 100-day window, buyers will be able to be refunded in full. The 100 Days No Regret promotion includes both the 8GB RAM/128GB storage and the 16GB RAM/256GB storage variants of the OnePlus 11 in both Titan Black and Eternal Green.

For the full details of the 100 Days No Regret promotion, make sure to check out the official OnePlus website.

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